Assignment 2 Save as popup


How can i change internet explorer save as pop up form as attached to the one in the PDF file?


You don’t need to have a pop-up to save the csv files to your folder, you can use the save notification bar just as well.

I know the Walkthrough PDF shows a Save File Pop-Up, but you’re not required to do everything 100% exactly like in the PDF in order to get your LEVEL 3 Certification :slight_smile:

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thanks. all good

So if for example I use Save instead of Save as how am I going to give the file am downloading the name that I want because I think the reason behind save as was to rename the files.

Yes, you need to set the name and the path for the downloaded file. For that you need to use the Save As, but still you can click on the arrow next to Save and then select Save as.

You can find good selectors that will work with Simulate Click option enabled.


I have done that and set some delay so it can click save as but the problem that I have now is that IE is crushing the moment save as is clicked

And if you do manually the Save as you still get the crush, or only when the action is done by the robot?

Try restarting… something, everything :slight_smile:

If the problem is only with the robot execution, try with different Input methods - Simulate Click, SendWIndowMessages, none.

Sometimes where I do it manually it allows me to save, I have used simulate click and when the robot is running can see the save as being clicked