Txt file to Excel file


i would like to extract file from data to excel.
Now in txt file , there are some data i dont want to get in the excel .

how can i do it ? I followed some questions still i dont get the best one.Convert .txt to .xlsx file - #13 by NiranjanKN

Thank you in advance

My second question here is,
Actually the original file was PDF. Goal is to get the file in excel format.
which is better changing directly from
PDF :arrow_right: EXCL
PDF :arrow_right:.txt file :arrow_right: Excel

Thank you in advance

@eimon If you want to Convert a part of data from text file to Excel, if the data is a tabular data then we maybe able to use regular expressions for Splitting the Values and then Converting it to a Datatable and then Write it to an Excel file.

However there are other ways of directly converting from PDF to Excel if it was in that original format, but there may be some additional methods that you would need to apply.

One Such activity is given below :

Hello Arpan
Thanks for the reply .
PDF to Excel is difficult for me now , cause i am new to uipath.

Would you give me some details of how to splitting the values and convet to dt?
I attached txt file and the program .
Thanks you xo in advance

I tried to do this stage and shows error.

text.txt (438 Bytes) MainCopu.xaml (15.2 KB)

@eimon For the kind of data that you have, will the words “Products List” and “Language Subtitle” be always present. If so, we can take it as start and the end position of the table that you want to extract.

@supermanPunch hello .Thank you.
how to loop and set the start and end position in the condiontion?
remaining a lot of tech to know…

@eimon Check this workflow :
Regex Find.zip (7.5 KB)

I have kept some considerations in place for the workflow to work accordingly, The Conditions are :

  1. The Table is between the “Products List” and “Language”.
  2. There are only two Columns, and they are separated by a Space.

I have used String manipulations and Regex for getting the desired result. If you want to know more about regex, check the below Topic :

Also, I had noticed that in the original file, for one of the rows, there were no spaces between the date and the first word. Was it by mistake, or was was extracted from the PDF in that way?

Depending on this you may have to consider a different approach or a modification in the approach that I have provided.


Thank you @supermanPunch
God I must have to understand Regex!
It was the mistake. スクリーンショット (185)

If the data for the first column has space as in the photo, the place i have to update the program is the regex.am i correct?

Thank you so much super Arpan

@eimon Yes, Mostly regex is used when there are patterns in the data, if you think that your data will always have this specific pattern throughout you can continue on using the regex, but it seems that you have spaces in the First Column as well Or is it always Two Columns that you want to Extract and the Second Column will always have a Date type of value ?


@supermanPunch Thank you Thank you Thank you
1.It is always two columns.
2.First column has space and “/” and “()”
3.Second column is alwasy only date type .
YES … I really appecriate you _ /\ _

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@eimon Can you tell me if the first two lines are going to be the same always, or will it differ ? It might be difficult to capture that if it’s varying.
However the subsequent rows can be captured by using groups in regex. Please check and verify the output from the below workflow :
Regex Find.zip (2.8 KB)

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Dear @supermanPunch Thank you indeed.

yes, the first two lines are going to be the same .
I tested the output works. how to define the header.

@supermanPunch Dear!
EDIT: The First Two lines are alwasy same but in the first column data is like
Thank you XO much

@eimon Check this workflow with all the input data that you have and verify if it’s the right output that you get after execution.

Regex Find.zip (2.8 KB)

Revert back if it doesn’t work

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@supermanPunch Dear Arpan
Thank you so much for your guidance and help. It`s so helpful for others too.
Yes, the problem solved.

For further understanding, let me ask few question.
1.If i like to see what is in the strArray(0) or strArray(1) ,how to ?

How this declaration solve to the requirement of Column 1:AAAAA/ AAAAA Column2: Data

3.When define the columns, What is the meaning of (\d{2}/\d{2}/\d{4})

Thank you

strArray is an array of String variable, Hence it contains a collection of Strings, It is ordered by the index numbers. So the 0th index will have the first Element, 1st index will have the second element and so on… You can use a Message Box Activity to display it’s value. Or you can execute the Workflow in Debug mode and then you’ll be able to see the values in the local Pane.

Since you had confirmed that, Second Column Value Data is always same. I am hardcoding that value in the Add Data row activity, So the remaining value in that row Should be other text values other than the “Data” value. Hence, I am Splitting the text based on the “Data” Value.

It corresponds to the pattern of the Date \d - signifies Digit, {2} - represents the number of occurrences, Hence \d{2} - means 2 occurrences of digits or you can also represent it as \d\d

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Dear I did as you said.

  1. OK. Setting strArray(0) in message box,the output is AAAAA / AAAA for Column1.

  2. Thanks for hardcoding.
    strArray(0) is actually not “data” according to question no1, but the code means whether strArray(0) is “data” or not, ignore the case. Set “data” FirstOrDefault, But the array already has its strArray(0)value , so “data” goes to the second column. AM I right?
    Wondering how the “data” appears in the second column.

3.Ok. I tested by putting extra word like 12/08/2020SSS and output 12/08/2020 .I understand it.

Thank you Arpan

@eimon Yes, You are right.

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