Text to Excel data Extraction

hello Guys,
I have one statement which come in .txt format i want to get whole data in .xlsx(excel) file here send you screenshot of my .txt file pls help me to get data in excel.

Hi @sayli,
Can you please your sample text file.


The action plan that I see for you is:

  1. Build a datatable variable that has the same column names that you need;
  2. Read the text file line by line;
  3. For each line use string operations (Substring,Split etc) and assign a variable for each relevant data;
  4. Append to the datatable for each column the right variable;
  5. Write the datatable to an Excel file using the Excel activities.

Let us know where you get stuck!

i attach screenshot above.i want it in Excel with proper column

ya i tried that but facing issues.do u have any workflow

hey do u gt output