Data formatting from txt to excel

hi have one pdf file and i scrap all data and save in text file but there are 2 page data in single text file ,then how to get these two tables data in single excel in proper format.will share my text file Commins.txt (5.6 KB) pls let me know the solution if u have

Hi @sayali_rokade ,

you could use RegEx to extract the table data from your text (capturing groups wold be a neat way).
The resulting iEnumrable should be easy to write to excel format.


yes,but can we extract in multipe u have regex pattern for it because we have two tables in diffrent pages. one table is in page 1 and another is in page 2

You could use “Page xyz” to split the pages. Seems to be written after each page, right?

Or do you want all data to be in one table?

all data in one table in excel

want first table data then append send page table data below it

Hi @sayali_rokade

You can try like this logic
Main.xaml (11.9 KB)

It is extracting the data in tabular format , but while converting into datatable it is not converting properly due to non proper whitespaces between column values etc.

If possible can you show how finally the table looks like?

Also apart from extracting using regex another way would be to use the below activity:

This helps in easily extraction of table from pdf easier.


Nived N
Happy Automation

Use Document understanding in that you can extract data from the PDF

Chethan P

You can just extract both tables via Regex and merge them using the join datatable activity.
The data seems kinda rule based to me so i see no problem in extracting them with RegEx.
But as @copy_writes mentioned, you can also use document understanding

hi yes i tried its working now m trying to write it in excel but data is showing empty,i use Build data table(after read text) and add data rows(in loop) and outside loop i take write range activity

Can u share the workflow please?

ok Hyundai.xaml (11.9 KB)
kindly check

once u free pls tell me solution

Hi @sayali_rokade,

thanks for sharing! Ill try to have a look at it tomorrow.