Try Catch Time out

Hi Guys

I have the following flowchart using try cath on a click image, everything is going well but flowchart waits the default 30 seconds to pass the error.

I changed the first activity time out to 5000 miliseconds but didn’t work.

Any ideas?

Hi, @CP2208 !

Yes! the Timeout property have default value, 30 seconds.
I think you should setting the timeout property on error-causing activity.

Where does an error occur?’

+) Check your flowchart using “Debugging Mode” !
You set the timeout property in 5 seconds at CilckImageActivity, then didn’t work??
Then, I think the ClickImageActivity is going well in 5 seconds.
Check the SendHotKey Activity, maybe It’s on error…

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@CP2208 - pls try to add onelementappear activity (assign same selector) -> and set the timeout to 5000 milliseconds
inside onelementappear activity write you image click related activities…

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“Try delay activity for your sequence”

Happy Automation!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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