Click Image activity - TimeoutMS problem


I’m currently using UiPath Studio Community 2019.10.0-beta.484.

I found a problem when using Click Image activity. I set up a TimeoutMS, like, 5 seconds. Then, when execution starts, it ignores this 5 seconds and waits the default 30 seconds until it throws an Exception.

Anyone knows a solution for this? Is this an extended bug?

Thanks in advance!


Could you please show me screenshot of how you passed 5 sec in properties of that Click Image activity.

make sure that you have mention here like this

Cheers @pdelgadogp

Of course @lakshman, here you go:
Additionally, I have set up “ContinueOnError” True.

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And also set WaitForReady with Interactive and check it once.

I have tried with Interactive on, like this:

You can see at the bottom, in the Output log, that the execution lasted 31 seconds (30 seconds of timeout). :frowning:

Hi @pdelgadogp,

Just to ensure, do you have any other activity in this workflow or just ClickImage activity alone?

Sasikumar K

Kindly uncheck continueonerror and set waitforready property as complete and try once
Cheers @pdelgadogp

Completely alone in the workflow (inside an Attach Window):

I just tried, but 30 seconds as well :frowning:

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@Sasi.lalo @lakshman @Palaniyappan could it be the reason that I’m using the Studio Community version 2019.10.0-beta.484? Maybe a new bug in this version? Does any of you use this version?


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Will check and get back to you.

Hi Gentlemen, has anyone found a workaround for this one please?
Even if this errors out can we something else to do a similar function, i.e. to check for 2s if an image is available and continue.
Thank you

Hi @saikumar1, I keep having this problem :frowning:

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Hi @pdelgadogp

I’m using Studio Community Version 2019.11.0-beta.2.
As i just checked , i don’t see any issue with the Time Out Property. It is being executed till the mentioned time frame as desired.

Kindly update your version and check once.


Kindly reinstall the application and try once
or get the latest version from


hi @Mahesh_Gunda can you please share the XAML file which runs for you.
Also please let us know if you tried something like 2sec and 5sec timeout

Hi @saikumar1

‘Click Image’ activity is working as desired for me, for 2 seconds, 5 seconds and Default wait time -30 seconds.


I have attached file (18.3 KB) as requested for reference.

As @lakshman suggested, i have set ‘WaitForReady’ property to ‘Interactive’ and ‘ContinueonError’ property to ‘True’.

As @Palaniyappan suggested, please try updating to latest version of Studio if issue persists.