Times of Try Catch


I am new to UiPath, so I am constantly learning and I have a question about the duration of the ‘Try Catch’ in my automations. My question is: Is there a way to reduce the time when an activity fails so that I can reduce my ‘Try Catch’ execution times?

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Hello @rpa_chata

For each activity, there is a Timeout setting. If the value is provided with a less value, then the exception will get captured fastly and execution will end.

But need to provide a minimum time to load your application by setting a proper timeout.

Or you can go to project setting and change the default timeout for all activity.


Thank you very much for your answer, could you help me by indicating where I can reduce the default waiting time of the project and/or the activities, please.

Just consider you have a click activity. Go to property panel->TimeoutMS

By default it is 30s(30000ms)… just reduce it to required value.

UI Activities Properties.

Check below doc for project level settings

thank you very much brother. It was very helpful

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