TryCatch is taking up a load of time

Hey guys. I have a small problem, but if you could help me solve it, I would be verry pleased. I have a scrapper written and he has a try catch activity inside of it. The try catch activity takes up a bunch of time. Is it possible to reduce the time that he is taking up while the code is activated?

I have not put any timeout values on it, it is all left on stock.

Thanks in advance! :smile:


Even though you haven’t provided any timeout, the default Timeout for click activity is 30seconds before it will throw error. If you want to catch the exception without waiting for 30 seconds you can mention the Timeout as around 10000 or 5000 milli seconds.

Is it taking more than 30 seconds to get come to Catch block?

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Thanks bro, yes, I put a 5000 milisec’s of delay in there and it works perfectly

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