Timeout for ImageExists and ClickImage do not work as expected

Hej everyone!
I have a performance/time issue with UiPath Activities ClickImage with ContinueOnError set to TRUE and ImageExists.
In the Robot (Citrix Environment) I use them to check Popup-Error-Messages, which show within 0.5 seconds.
But even though the Timeout for the activities set to 1s they usually take 8s if the Error-Message does not show.
If the Error-Message pops up the activity takes roughly 1s.

Does somebody have a fix/idea to keep the activities within the timeout limit I set?
I am using UiPath Studio 2018.2.4 EE

Thanks in advance for any Help!


This sounds weird :thinking:

Check if you are using the properties like shown below:


Hi, thanks for the reply.

Yes I am using the TimeoutMS in Target with a value of 1000 for both activities.
I also tried increasing the Timeout but this only changes the behavior of the robot once I go above 8000ms (as kind of expected)
It seems as if something inside the activity prevents the timeout when the Image is not found.