Try catch does not work correctly

I’m doing an exercise from UiPath Academy. It seems my answer is quite similar to the solution UiPath provides. However, the project only work correctly in run mode. If I run it in debug mode, the try catch activity could not catch the exception. How can I fix my project?
Main.xaml (21.7 KB)
Practice1.xlsx (10.4 KB)

Hi @111145,
Did you mean that when on debug mode you can not enter catch block if so you need just to click continue and it will go to the catch block as when you in debug mode you need to make it manual hope this solve you issue if not please update us :slight_smile:


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I run it, both debug and run ran flawlessly. Like, @mahmoud.zaky , said, select Continue and it finds each Exception.


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FYI, another approach:

Can you try to turn on ContinueOnError in ribbon menu when debug?


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@mahmoud.zaky @michael.zura @Yoichi
Thank you for the reply. Both methods could solve my problem! However, I found that the click continue method takes more time to complete the project, since I have to click each time UiPath finds an exception. In my computer, the click continue method takes about 25s, Continue on Exception method takes about 8s.

But, for the solution project, when run in debug mode, I do not need to do one of these two further actions, it can run successfully(catch exceptions successfully), also it is much faster (about 3s).

I’m still wondering what’s the difference btw mine and solution and why no need to do one of these two further actions for the solution project when run in debug mode. The solution project:
Main.xaml (20.1 KB)