Try catch not working on Debug mode

Hi all !!

I’am trying to configure a Try-catch activity wich permets the robot to conitue if “Could not find the user-interface (UI) element for this action” error appears.

I have used “Try catch” activity and it was working all the time while I was runing the “Run Project” Option:


But when I uses “Debug File” option, Try Catch oes not work and I got allways the error:


Please help guys !

Thanks !!!

Hi @javierdavidh

try catch in debug mode always will show the exception and wil stop it, so you can validate what kind of exception is throwing, and also which acitvity. if you press the continue button, or step into button, it will go to the catch field and continue the process as expected

if you want to run the process without stopping in the exception, just enable the Continue on exception field

it won’t stop the process but will show the exception in the output panel


@fernando_zuluaga Thanks !
I was juste confused, but you help me to clear it out

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