Try catch issue in newer version UIpath

Hi ,

I’m trying to use Try-Catch for my project. i am facing issue in try catch for newer version of uipath.

Scenario 1: If I use Try-Catch for each activity individually then the try-catch works. It catches the exception.

Scenario 2: If i use the try catch for entire sequence, it is not going to catch block, bot is stopping.

i am attaching (2.7 KB)

Even i dont know what is issue with try catch, older version it was working fine.

may i know the studio version


what activities were used inside the OPEN BROWSER

one click activity and one set text activity

hmm…it should work actually…are you sure this worked in previous version
and didnt in new beta version

yes, it was working fine for earlier version

i am attaching screenshot of the workflow


is it clicking and typing the string in that field
if that works it wont get into catch block

it is clicking button, for testing purpose i changed the second activity(intentionally i changed the selector for second activity).

To check whether it is going to catch block or not

Kindly find the attached screnshot of error message

are you running in debug mode or in normal mode
and what is the old version that was working fine with this sequence
Cheers @rag

That was the mistake i done, i choose debug mode.

Now it is working fine

cheers @rag

Thank you palaniyappan

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