Try-catch is not working with sequence in Try?


Can somebody explain why the try-catch activity is not working with a sequence in the try part ?
I have 2 sample xaml files enclosed.

trycatch.xaml : with one assign and that gives the error as it should be.
trycatchwithsequence.xaml : with same assign within a sequence, project stops.

trycatch.xaml (6.4 KB) trycatchwithsequence.xaml (6.8 KB)


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i tried to run both the process…both of them goes to CATCH block and message box is getting displayed

its working perfectly fine
were you facing any issue in that buddy
Cheers @Mark_Vollenbrock

As you can see in the image the project stops.

i think you are running in DEBUG mode thats why
kindly run in normal mode and try once
Cheers @Mark_Vollenbrock


Thanks, that solved the problem.

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Cheers @Mark_Vollenbrock

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