Question : How to prevent exception outside of catch activity

Is it possible to handle exception only in the catch activity? I have the catch set up to display a message but I’m seeing the error being thrown in the “Try” activity before the “catch” is reached. How can I ensure that exceptions break execution only in the catch portion of the try/catch activity?

Also, is it possible to continue on error until the catch is reached? Basically catch the error without breaking execution. Hope this makes sense!

The error is seen in the Try block only in debug mode for Studio. When you use this process in orchestrator or run it in non-debug mode, this will not happen. The moment the error occurs, the process will exit the Try block and go to the Catch block.

You cannot have the process continue where it left off if there is an error unless you put each individual activity in a separate Try/Catch block.


Take a look at the Global Exception Handler.

I’m not sure why I expected a smooth run through during debug mode. Thanks for clearing that one up! I should’ve known better. lol

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