Trouble with Forms

Hello Everyone!
I’m into a problem with UiPath.Form.[Activities] In particular when i run a robot that contains a form, I always visualize a Blank Form even if it contains other components. I also have the same problems using the Create Form Designer.

When i try to maximize the form i finally visualize the contents but i cannot interact with it.(For example i Cannot write into the textbox or click on the radio buttons…)

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you all

Hi @Andrea_Polini ,
You need to create a form using form designer first and only then will the form appear during the bot run.
Now if form designer is not opening then check your RAM and please also check that your antivirus is not blocking the powershell script used by UiPath to start the form designer.

Thank you @shetanshudhar . I have 16GB RAM installed and i tried to disable my antivirus. it seems that something on my pc is blocking me but it is not easy to find a solution. If could help, i have the same issue with forms in one other software… i think that the problem could me more general…

Did you find any answer. I have the same problem.

@Minol_Pamosha No, i haven’t. Which operative system are you running?and which version?

@Andrea_Polini Did you manage to find a solution? I’m facing the same problem as well, none of the components is showing up in the Form / Form Designer.
Btw, i’m using UiPath Studio v2020.10.2 and UiPath.Forms.Activities = 1.0.1

Any solutions for this yet?