UiPath Form Designer is blank

Hi mates!

I am trying to create a form in UiPath Studio (version 2021.4.1-beta.131) with the UiPath.Form.Activities (version 1.1.11).

The problem is that when I click the button “Open Form Designer” the window is blank (attached the picture)

Can anyone help us?

Thanks in advance,


is this happening every time? Or it was a one time occurrence? Can you please try to update form activities to the latest available version and retry?

@vtrivino do your system block usage of unsigned dlls.? It might be because your system blocks some unsigned 3rd party dlls.
can you confirm?

Hi @alexandru

It is happening every time. If I update UiPath.Form.Activities to 1.2.1-preview it gives me an internal error. Do you have any idea how to solve it?



Hi @Tamilselvan ,

Can you please tell me how to check system blocks?



Hi @vtrivino - we believe we have found a solution for this. Please update your graphics driver following this: Applications Using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Don’t...

cc: @Nishant_Tanwar @Tamilselvan

@sangL I updated the graphics driver and it worked!
Many thanks! Finally I would be able to work with both Form Designer and Taxonomy Manager.

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