Trouble with browser timeouts

Excuse me, hello everyone. While my process was running on the product machine, I sometimes encountered the issue with the Chrome browser timing out. In such cases, my process would attempt to take a screenshot, but the screenshot-taking action would fail.

I noticed that the screenshot-taking activity returned null in the process logs. The frequency of this issue is approximately once a month or even once every few months.

Therefore, I attempted to reproduce the issue on my development machine in order to troubleshoot it. However, I was unable to reproduce the issue, as it worked fine every time.
Could anyone kindly provide some suggestions?


To isolate cause, how about using recording feature of orchestrator?


Thank you very much for your time.
The version of my company’s UiPath Orchestrator is 2019.10, and it does not have the recording function.
But, I think the recording function should solve my issue.

Hi @TuTua,
The take screenshot error looks like it is because you logged into the unattended session then just closed the RDP window, rather than signing out. This causes the session to be similar to a locked session, which fouls up automations. Start by signing back into the RDP session using the robot account, then click Start and SIGN OUT.
Try to run your code at RDP system background. like once the Job is started minimize your RDP. That problem will be recreated you will able to seen. This issue happened because of simulate click or send window choosed in your activity at wrongly. Once u test in the background like system locked condition you will know which is suitable for your website automation.