Trigger Uipath Robot from PowerApps application

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Can you tell me how to trigger a robot from PowerApps application and not PowerAutomate ?

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I think we can do that using API calls if you are willing to publish the workflows into Orchestrator or you can make the workflows as executable files and then run them from power apps

Hello HareeshMR,

Yes the workflow is published into the orchestrator and i tried to create a custom connector in PowerApps to use API but the problem is that i get all the tome CORS Error saying that i cannot access to the endpoint of the API (Status 500) …


Are you using the custom Orchestrator or the community version of Orchestrator?

I’m using entreprise Version of Orchestrator

So, I think in the web.config file, you need to modify the CORS issue to allow the requests from out of the network or the third party requests so it will send you the response.

Check the server web.config file and be very cautious as it will effect the entire application if you did any changes in that file.

When I was testing out Apps/Flows within the Power Platform ecosystem and a Private Orchestrator installation, the most challenging part was using the Power Platform Web UI to create a custom connector, given that the Web UI doesn’t support all features (such as references) and that MS’s implementation for Swagger isn’t fully supported so you’re not able to import Orchestrator’s swagger definition file as is.

Given that you are using an Enterprise Orchestrator, I would ask if it is exposed to the Internet/MS whether that be directly or with a VPN or Data Gateway? As well as what version of Orchestrator, and any details you can provide on how it is deploy in your infrastructure (On-Prem VM, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, etc)?

If it is not already exposed and/or you are unable to modify Network Routing, Firewalls, Policies, etc. You have the option of the Microsoft On-Premises Data Gateway which only requires the machine(s) you install the Gateway on to have an external access to the Internet as it handles communication with Power Platform in a polling fashion.

The one downside I saw with the Data Gateway is that you’re restricted to using Basic, Windows, or No Authentication. With Windows Authentication being deprecated in Orchestrator, it requires more ingenuity [Compared to Custom Connectors without the Data Gateway] to authenticate against Orchestrator and injecting your Authentication headers.

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You can probably send an item to the process queue using the orchestrator API.
After that you set the queue trigger and that will start you UiPath job.