Execute a Robot process from external application


Hi there,

I’m trying to explore the possibilities on how to trigger an automated process from another application. So far I understand that this can be done by using the Command Prompt and added the process path as a parameter?

I see that another option is to use the UiPath Robot API, but the page mentions that it is no longer supported and is replaced by the Orchestrator API. However, I’m having difficulties understanding the Orchestrator API and how to trigger jobs from it.

Can somebody provide more information?



Take a look into this:



Hi Lucas,

I am aware of Orchestrator and how it works, but I’m trying to find a way to trigger a Front Office Bot. I thought Orchestrator was not needed for this?

Is the Robot API still relevant of is it better to use the Orchestrator API, for which you need an Orchestrator license I assume?



May I know whether you have a solution for this? I am also facing this problem as well.


I ended up using the Robot API. It is no longer supported but still works.


Hi, would you mind share with me how you do it? My case is, I need to use the bot to act as web API , so it can be trigger by other party and get the response.

Could u share with me your solution or your rob to me . Which robot API did u used?