Idea: Build a Power Automate Connector

Wouldn´t it be awesome to start a process using MS Power Automate to start a Process?
Let´s say, whenever a new item is added to a SharePoint List a Process is triggered.

What do you think, other RPA-vendors already provide stuff like that

Hi @ClemensSteinbauer

Maybe not a direct integration, but it is quite straightforward to start a process in Orchestrator via API :slight_smile:

I have multiple examples of videos on how to call UiPath Orchestrator from Power Automate you have the main video and playlist:

and the playlist:

Cristian Negulescu
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Hello @loginerror,

I’m have been trying for a while to create a custom connector for Orchestrator Cloud (latest version) in Power Automate.
Is this not possible to achieve, at the moment?
I read all your documentation and it seems that there are different versions of it:[Account Logical Name]/[TenantName]/swagger/index.html

The API requests have different parameters/body, but judging by the test that I did with Postman, it seems the content from Docs is up-to-date.

I understand that it’s possible to create the HTTP request ‘refresh_token’ to make the authentication and receive the ‘access_token’/Bearer token. And then we can use it as an Authentication header in every request, but in order to have a Connector, we need to encapsulate this auth, I believe the right solution is using OAuth 2.0.
But, I don’t know if this can be achieved since we can’t get a Client Secret from Orchestrator.

I have read about the Identity Server, but that it’s just for On-premises Orchestrators, so it won’t work.

Lastly, since I log in to the orchestrator using the Google authentication, I wonder if this can be achieve using OpenID Connect, as describe here:

I really appreciate your feedback on this!

Could you have a look if this helps a little bit?

Hello @loginerror,

Thank you for your reply.
I was checking that connector and building my own on based on that one, but unfortunately it doesn’t describe/include the authentication part.
I was checking all the forum topics, Uipath documentation, Swagger documentation, etc…but no luck.

If it would be to connect to on-premise Orchestrator, I believe it wouldn’t be a problem.
But I’m struggling to understand how to do it for a Cloud Orchestrator.

Can you provide a contact to support me in this matter?

Let me first try to tag the author of that component (or at least I hope so): @dineshary
Maybe they will be able to help.

As far as Cloud Orchestrator, I believe that the proper integration that will allow you to connect apps to it is being worked on (I cannot share any time schedules though).

Having said that, the current implementation allows you to store a refresh token that you can keep using to refresh your authorization token. Maybe that could be the workaround until then?
(I admit, I don’t have much experience with Power Automate connectors, so I’m not sure how feasible that is)

I understand, I tried to contact him in private without success, but lets see.

The only workaround it would be to make a separate HTTP request for the authenticate method, but then it’s not possible to ‘combine’ it with the connector, since it has incorporated authentication.

The authentication method using the Bearer/Refresh token is very fine, but only when in Orchestrator we can register an application and get a Client ID + Client Secret to auth using OAuth 2.0.

I will be waiting for this solution, since it will widely improve the integrations of your Orchestrator with other applications.

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