Trigger UiPath Orchestrator Job - Any new email arrive to inbox

Hi team,

As soon as any new email arrives job/process need to start automatically

Do any one have idea how to integrate power automate with UiPath or is there any way to trigger the process as soon as new email arrives

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Create Dispatcher and Performer design for this process.

Dispatcher - Read any new Emails from Mail box and add it to the queue. Trigger this job for every 5 Mins.

Performer - Create Queue trigger for this. So that if any new item for added to the queue then it will triggered and processed it immediately.

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If this is an inbox in Office365, you could set this up with Integration Service and use a trigger to start the process when a new message comes

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Thanks for the quick response

But i am looking for the solution like bot should identify the events in the inbox without using scheduling

To start the dispatcher as soon as email arrives

Hi @jeremiah.s.kmc

Could you please provide the steps how to do the integration with Uipath

Getting below error while trying to add connector

There could be more ways, but I could think of this way where u will use uipath for the entire end-to-end process.

You can create a background process that will continuously monitor your email and any new mail that arrives will create a queue item in the orchestrator
your performer can be a queue-based trigger that will be executed whenever a queue record is added.
and in the background, the dispatcher will continuously monitor the mailbox.

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Hi @Naveen.Ch,

It should be as simple as going into the Integrations section in Automation Cloud, and creating the connection with Outlook. Has an admin in your Office365 environment approved the UiPath app? When you’re creating the connection, are you promoted to give UiPath the requested permissions, and you click Yes or Accept?

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