How to trigger process on receiving email in outlook for On-Prem setup

Hi Experts,

I want to trigger UiPath process in orchestrator as soon as I receive any email in Inbox of outlook.

Option which won’t work:

  1. Integration Services is out of question because it doesn’t support on prem orchestrator setup.
  2. Running robot 24X7 as monitoring won’t work as requirement is very specific to trigger as soon as email is received.
  3. Scheduling for every small amount of time is also out of question because client need immediate turn around time.

Is there any other solution for this scenario where I still want to somehow trigger robot as soon as an email is arrived? Any help would be appreciated.



Hi @nisargkadam23,

I’m not aware of any direct connectivity between email and orchestrator triggers. I do believe I read that this is on the roadmap but cannot find a source to back this up.

The only suggestion I could possibly give as an alternative for running 24*7 would be to potentially organise a schedule using a cron expression to run the automation potentially every 10/20/30 minutes based on requirements between the times the emails can potentially arrive.

This way the automation isn’t running all the time and the automation can search for an email itself and still process it based on the SLA. If the automation runs and there is no email, simply end and if there is one process immediately.



Can try the following:

Hi @nisargkadam23,

It depends if your client has Power Automate / Flows access. The robot user can be provisioned an email id and when an email is recieved a trigger HTTP request can be sent to the orchestrator from a flow.

This has been working well for us. Although our action is not to send HTTP request but updated a teams task.

HTTP request module/activity in Microsoft Flows as I know requires premium license. But this should work both in theory and practice.

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