Trigger robot when receiving specifik email in Outlook


I have a few processes i need to run, when i receive a specifik email. Right now i am just running the robot every few minutes in at specific time period.

Is there a better way, that won’t take up the robots time? Like a way to monitor Outlook and trigger the process through the Orchestrator when the mail arrives?




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Have a view on this article for mail automation sample

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Hey Palaniyappan!

The problem with this approach is that it keeps the robot from other processes, while it is running. So if i listen for this mail for an hour, this is an hour i won’t be able to use the robot for anything else.

What i would like is a way to listen for the mail, without using the robots resources. So when the specific email arrives in outlook the process for this email will trigger. Is this possible?

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I would look into Integration Services and triggers to monitor

I think this will help you

Give a try and let us know if you are facing any further issues

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Hey @ews

If you have your O365 license stack with power automate the same can be dynamically triggered where the Power Automate will monitor the outlook and trigger UiPath bot

Now the other way around is to run a vb script whenever a mail arrives which can be set in Outlook which will add the mail item to queue triggering the bot or directly trigger the bot whichever is suitable for your scenario

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Did this method help you with your scenario

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This was exactly what i was looking for! Thanks!

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