Need help in triggering a job in orchestrator using a received mail

Hello everyone

I need to fire an orchestrated job the moment an email is received, I have no idea how to do this, any suggestions would be appreciated

Hi Juan,

The contemporary UiPath approach to this would be using the Integrations service and configuring a trigger. This is an option only available on the Cloud at the moment.

The classic approach would be to have an always running bot that polls for new mails to kick off jobs, either by using the Start Job activity or with Orchestrator Queues and Queue Triggers

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If you are not using Cloud Orchestrator another option would be to leverage the Orchestrator API to add a queue item when an email is received and configure a Queue based trigger.

You would still need a integration service of some kind which is what UiPath Integrations is providing, but is feasible with MS Flow or similar services or a simple script on your host, anything that can watch a mailbox (What type of mail server / features will determine if it is poll or event based) and interact with an API.