Trial version activation makes no sense

It is unbelievable how there is no guidance towards the simple license activation when launching Studio for the first time.
Even for a new, but quite computer-literate user:

  • I clicked on “Try UiPath Free”

  • I signed up

  • I confirmed my email address

  • I downloaded the provided installation kit from Cloud UiPath (UiPathStudioSetup.exe).

  • I launched UiPath Studio

  • Copied the machine key I found for a default machine created in Cloud

  • Pasted it in Studio’s activation window (along with my workstation’s name and the Cloud URL)

  • AND got an error “Robot doesn’t exist”

Again, it is incredible how no email guidance is ensured for a new user trying UiPath for free …
This could be a trivial example of a failed end-to-end test scenario / business scenario:
“No support / guidelines offered to New user.”

Hi @sienna.falkers,

Uipath has posted series of steps to be followed in FORUM FAQ, Please check how to configure your robot through below given link. Hope this helps

Take it slow, Happy Learning

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Thank you. I had already done it myself intuitively.

My point is:

  • I could resume the entire post / article on activating Studio Community Edition in about 5 sentences.
    Including the text from all the link references in the post.

  • This should be an intuitive step a new user should manage on its own for prompt first-time access to his new Studio trial …

@sienna.falkers Happy to hear you that were able to set it up, Constructive feedback will always be considered by Uipath. You can share your thoughts in Feedback tab in Forum as well . Thank You!