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Hello ,
@ovi @loginerror & others,
For confirmation:
We have recently purchased UiPath Licenses and going to activate and use efficiently however we have few doubts to clarify -

  1. We had previously installed Studio trial version on physical laptop but now since we received the Licenses, could we register the same machine with the licenses but with the new Organization email?
    If yes, does it impact the old automation codes or the settings?
    If not, what should be the way out?
  2. Do we need separate Email account for each kind of Licenses(Attended, UnAttended, Studio)?
  3. For one of the License type, we purchased-
    (Studio - Named Use) -3 and
    Studio - Node Locked-1
    But in Orchestrator License windows, it shows me "Development Concurrent
    0 Connections of 1’ Is something missing?

Could you please help with your comments?


Hi @ASinha

Could you clarify a few things about your current licenses? Maybe a quick screenshot from the License page in Orchestrator.

You have also mentioned that you have previously used the Trial version. Well, there should be no issue using the same machine with your purchased license. You will lose no settings, as the license activation doesn’t delete any files :slight_smile:

Now, it is a bit unclear to me how your setup looks like. In basic terms, node locked license can be activated on any machine using the “Activate Stand-Alone License” button.

I believe you can use either the email that was used to purchase the license on all machines, but it might not be mandatory.

If you happen to have your trial code still active on the machine, you might need to de-register the machine by using a command line:

For the named user licenses, those are managed by Orchestrator and are related to your Active Directory settings. This means that all you have to do to license your Studio is to connect your machine to Orchestrator (via the Robot agent). If the licenses are properly upload to Orchestrator and the robot is set up for the named user, then Studio will be activated from Orchestrator :slight_smile:

Now, you’ve mentioned that the Orchestrator setting does not display those licenses and a screenshot would help here to understand the situation (please blur out any sensitive information).
You can also contact our licensing support directly - they will have more insight into your particular case :slight_smile:

Please refer the attached screenshot.
I have purchased Studio (NU) - 3 and (Node-Loced)-1

  1. It doesn’t showed me total 4 Licenses for Studio Development. Or is I’m missing something? Refer image “License Page Orch”
  2. When I activated my Studio License with the Keys via option “Activate a standalone license” in Orchestrator. I get the error and not able to create a Robot for Development. Refer image “Devlopment_Robot_NotAvailable”

Please let me know your response, its something on priority for us.


@loginerror @ovi UiPath,
Could anyone please help me on this?

Much concerned about the response from UiPath and Support portal.
Trying to raise some ticket and getting this error but last time I used the same code. Don’t know how the UiPath support system works.
UiPath please help?

Hi @ASinha

Have you used the support form for the licensing issues here:

It seems like the license code is not a required field there:

I believe this post shines some light on the issue:

It seems like you would want to merge your stand alone licenses under your Orchestrator license. This can for sure be done by contacting our support via the licensing support contact form.