Transaction status remain "In Progress"

Hi Community, In RE Framework, When have completed the transaction in Log it says transaction successful but in my queue It still shows up as ‘In Progress’… can anyone help on that? help queue-item



ideally it should not…did you happen to see any error log after this?

can you confirm if it is the same item you are checking


No error log, It process another transaction and logs “Transaction Successful” but queue status remains In Progress


to analyze…keep a break point on the set transactionstatus.xaml…and when it comes there perform step into and check if set trasantion status activity is failign or getting to success

run the bot in debug mode


was ensured that the Queueview was refreshed?
What is the result of a cross-check eg Swagger?

if you have only one transaction this is kind of bug you are saying but if you have multiple item then one item might be failed. Please check

@ppr I have added log field in set transaction status, it gives that o/p…

unfortunately the questions are unanswered

debug and trace with:
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That transactionitem does not have a reference field …and it is failing because of it

or the transactionitem itself is not passed into set transaction status.xaml


while debugging I figured it out in Set Transaction i/p argument Transaction Item it is set to Nothing… I mapped Transaction Item to in_transactionItem … It’s working now

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