Status update - Transaction Item / Queue Item

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Preparing for the Advanced RPA Developer exam, I found this question in the Practice Test. I’m a bit confused, I know that Queue Items update to InProgress in GetTransactionData.xaml and again to Successful/Failed in SetTransactionData.xaml.

My doubt goes with Transaction Item(s). I’m not sure where they change. Any help?

Marco M.

Process Transaction only

queueitem is a transaction item

transaction item means the unit that you are processing . such as:

  • queue item
  • datarow
  • item (of a list)
    and so on…

all of them follow the same rules since its all using the same reframework so the answer is SetTransactionData.xaml which is in Process Transaction only

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When you don’t know these, I’d suggest looking at the reframework itself to figure it out. You can search for all the set transaction item actions and then figure it out.

This will prepare you much better for the exam compared to trying to memorize answers.



for that we have 2 similar questions, just keep in mind that in the reframework template, there are only 2 sections that updates a queue, in the get transaction data it will update as in progress, and in the process state or SetTransactionStatus workflow, it will update the queue as: Sucessfull, Failed(System Exception) or Business Exception. So for this question that is asking only for the Sucessful Status the answer should be the Process Transaction only



I understand now. Thank you all for your responses!


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