Set Transaction Status Error

I am currently working through the UiPath Academy training and I am getting the following error
“message”: “Set transaction status: This queue item has not been processed yet. Error code: 1852”,
I have looked up the documentation on setting the transaction status and as the queue item is being passed to this, I cannot understand why it is not being marked as successful. The queue item in orchestrator remains in the New status and does not change from that.
Any help or further information would be great as I am new to this tool,

You can set the status of transaction item when the status is In Progress.


How do I set the status to in progress? Is this part of the framework that it should automatically do? The only two status that i can see is Successful and Failed. Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

When the Get Transaction Activity is executed, then the queue item will be set to In progress status.
This is a part of RE-Framework.
We can’t set manually the status of queue item to In progress.
Hope this helps you.

Karthik Byggari


Thank you so much, I was using the Get Queue Items which was not changing the Queue Items status to In Progress.
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