Transaction Status id set always as "New

Hello All,
i have used the activity “Add queue item” to add a queue .
and then i have used “set transaction progress”, i also used set transaction item to set the status to “Successful”.
but while running i get only transactions with the status “New” on orchestrator.
Any idea how to fix that ?

Are you also using get queue item, processing it and then setting the transaction status ?
If you only use add queue item then it will always be New.

i am using get transaction item , the processing by using set transaction progress

You mean you are using RE framework and getting the queue item for processing?

yes , i am using RE framework.
in the first state i have added a queue item , and in the next one i have used "Get transaction item"and set transaction progress.
after that , and depending on the cases that i have , i set transaction status to successful , and in the catch i have set the transaction status to “failed”, (for the business exceptions)

Strange, would you mind attach your workflow to have a look?

this is done after adding queue item
queues .
and this is inside the workflow to set the transaction as successful.
(Sorry but i can not upload the whole project for confidentiality issues related to the entreprise )

The flow looks ok, not sure why is it so, try to run your flow in debug mode!

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Thank you @Sheshrocks,
i have tried with the debug mode, the problem was because of duplicate variables with the same name used as the input of the set transaction status

Ok great!

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