Issue - Orchestrator Queue item status

Dear all,

I am using Orch queues in order to process the transaction. First i have added items to the Queues and after successfull adding,the status of each trans item is “New” and later i have processed those Trans items and processing is successfull,but still i am seeing the status of the Queue items as “In-Progress”

Please suggest


Screen shot attached for reference

Hi @Ram0803

Please check your REFramework. Make sure SetTransactionStatus.xaml is included in the REFramework. By any chance if you commented or removed this, please add back.
Every queue item status is set to Completed inside SetTransactionStatus.xaml workflow.

You will find this workflow in the process state. In the finally block after invoking process.xaml

Screenshot for reference -

Karthik Byggari



Thanks, it worked,it my bad that i forgot to include “SetTransaction” into finally block workflow


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