To check Robot's availability


We are having 6 licensed bots in production. I want to check whether the particular robot is available to use or not.
Example: If I give robot name, my bot has to throw Yes or No based on its availability.

Note: I do not want to check manually. Checking the robot’s availability needs to be automated.
Can someone help me on this.


This can be dimensions only with orchestrator else while running the robot it will be placed in PENDING status (if any other robot is running in the same machine) or will be giving us a error like
“THE USENAME IS NOT DEFINED IN THE ORCHESTRATOR” (if the robot is not connected to the orchestrator)

Without orchestrator we won’t be able to find whether robot is available or not
May be we can check that with the robot tray but either of the Methods needs a manual validation

Cheers @Sadeesh

Hi Palaniyappan,

Yes we want to check through Orchestrator only. We are having SGVS01,02,03,04,05,06 robots.
I want a workflow and in that If I give the name for example, SGVS02, the bot has to go and check in Orchestrator and throw Yes or NO based on its availability.

If you have access to the SQL database where orchestrator is installed then you can do select state from orchestrator.dbo.sessions where hostmachinename='your_machine_name' which will return 0 for available and 1 for busy. This is the fastest way to get availability.

Otherwise you can have the robot navigate to the robots page of Orchestrator and scrape the status of each bot. Note that for the bot doing the check it will show as ‘Busy’ even though it will be free afterwards.

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@Sadeesh @DanielMitchell Access to the SQL database isn’t required. Sessions is exposed via RESTful API on the path yourserverodata/odata/Sessions


Thanks @sagacity

Yes you are correct.

Thanks for your suggestion. I need one more help from you. Currently our code, \odata\sessions is throwing all the available bots with its status but I want only the bot which is in “Available” state.
I want two things:

  1. Bot with “Available” state only and
  2. If I pass the Robot name, it should throw the state of it, whether it is “Available”, or “Busy” whatever it is.
    So Can you give two different codes for the above two queries.


Any suggestions from anyone will be a great help.

I’m not sure what you mean. This is a RESTful API. Send a JSON request to sessions with your criteria and the response packet should give you the result.

If you’re not familiar, then the SQL route might be easier to implement.


Thanks @sagacity and Thanks everyone for your time.

\odata\sessions solved my query.

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