Is there an API to check if the robot is running or on standby?

As the title says, I want to check whether the robot is in use or not, and if it is in use, I want to see what kind of work you are doing. Does an API exist?


You can filter the get jobs api with robot name…and if returned can check the releasename or process name to know which process it is being used for

<orchestratorurl>/swagger/index.html will give you details about end point


I’m trying to get a full robot list and match the robot with the most recently used task to get a list.
I’ve imported the entire robot list now and matched it with work, how can I get the robot’s status?
For example → (online, offline, working)


You can try the below endpoint,

Here you can get the robot status


Hope this helps

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Is there an API to get the information on this page?
url → /orchestrator_/global-monitoring/unattended

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Yeah this is the url

Check this doc for more steps

Or you can use swagger like above image to test it out
To open swagger for your url

The Orchestrator API Swagger definition can be accessed as follows, depending on your deployment type:

  • on-premise - append /swagger/index.html to your on-premises Orchestrator URL. For example,
  • Automation Cloud - append the organization and tenant name, as well as orchestrator_/swagger/index.html to the cloud base URL. For example,{organization_name}/{tenant_name}/orchestrator_/swagger/index.html.

Find your {organization_name} and {tenant_name} in the API Access page of your Automation Cloud account.

  • Automation Suite - append the organization and tenant name, as well as orchestrator_/swagger/index.html to your Automation Suite base URL, following the syntax: https://AutomationSuiteURL/{organization_name}/{tenant_name}/orchestrator_/swagger/index.html. For example, to access the Swagger for an Automation Suite deployment of Orchestrator, a possible link could be

Cheers @sgkim

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