Checking available bots from Orchestrator

@ovi @badita We have 10 licensed bots. And we use 3 bots for a process execution. How can I check how many bots are free and how many are executing some jobs. If I can find the available free bots, I can use them for some other jobs.


First things first, so we know what to answer: do you have Orchestrator? What version do you have in Studio & Robots?

Yes we have the Orchestrator. We are using studio 2018.2.3 Enterprise.

In Orchestator, Click on leftside panel of “ROBOTS” and give the search of the bot created with the name given.
it will show with the description as available if it is in active state.

Thank you Sharan. But I want to know from Orchestrator with no human intervention. I dont want to check it manually.Maybe with some API calls

Then while creating the bot, select as Unattended bot.
and check in the left side of the panel “Jobs” and search over there.
it will give the state as “Running” if bot is running.

Is there any direct API call to get the list of bots by their state?

Hey did you get this solution…i m looking something similar

Any way to read BOT statuses via poweshell cmdlet… I checked Get-UiPathProcess / Get-UiPathRobot but no luck.