"There was an error getting the field value. Error code: invalidCoordinates” at Get Text at Position on Terminal Session


I cannot Get Text from terminal using IBM EHLLAPI.

** Scenario **

  1. Launch terminal session (It displays logon screen).
  2. In UiPath Studio, drag & drop “Terminal Session” to workflow.
  3. Configure Connection (see ** Settings **)
  4. Press OK.
  5. UiPath [terminal Wizard launches. (But screen section is all black)
  6. Select “Get Text at Position”
  7. Popup “Enter Coordinates” window, enter below
    Row: 5
    Column: 5
    Length: 5
  8. Popup message window
    Title: Error
    Message: “There was an error getting the field value. Error code: InvalidCoordinates”

** Settings **
Provider : IBM EHLLAPI
Show cliend application: yes
EHLL dii: C:/Program Files(x86)/COMMET Series Emulator/TCPLink3270/PCSHLL32.dll
EHLL function: hllapi
EHLL session: B
EHLL enhances: yes
Basic mode: no

** Questions **

  1. How do I Get Text from Terminal screen?
  2. In UiPath Terminal Wizard, “Set Text” menu is not available.
    How do I use “Set Text” operations?
    Tab key operations sometimes failured before, I cannot use Tab key.

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: Studio 2017.1.6522(Enterprise Edition)

OS Version: Windows 7

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Question 1. is resolved selfly.
Terminal Session setting is wrong, right setting is below.
EHLL Enhance: no
Basic mode: yes

Thanks and Regards,