Read operations Get text at position and Get screen area trigger exception "Terminal error: NotConnected"

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I am building a mainframe automation sequence with a terminal TN3270, emulated via Attachmate Reflection. In a certain transaction, every read operation (Get text at position, Get screen area) generates the exception “Terminal error: NotConnected”. The affected screen displays a table, in which navigation to different pages is done by pressing F7 and F8, and the Send Control Key commands are functioning properly instead. Upon closer inspection, it was noticed that at the first read operation the process UiPath.Terminal.Host terminates. In order to recover the original connection, we tried to restart the UiPath.Terminal.Host from its executable file but when a new terminal session activity is executed (after the restart) then a new terminal window is opened, and it is impossible for us to recover the old connection.

Has anyone encountered the same problem and knows how to solve it?


This one is not working for me too

Please let me know if you guys have solution for it. Unable to use GetText and Get text position using Reflection Terminal Service in Uipath.

Here are connections known to work with Attachmate (currently Microfocus) Reflection.

I would try IBM EHLLAPI for that particular screen - you can connect with EHLLAPI at any point, you don’t need to open the terminal from the workflow, you can jut st have it open externally and make one tiny workflow for that particular screen to see if Get Text and Get Text At Position work with this method. If it proves to work better, switch the connection to EHLLAPI in your real workflow.

A second approach, since you are talking about a table. Try this for a change:

  1. Press on Screen Scrape (on the menu bar of UiPath)
  2. Press F3 to select a region
  3. Select the table region exactly.
  4. You should get the data as a big String.
  5. If 4) is successful, you can use a Generate Data Table Activity with Predefined Column Lengths options as so:

    This will get you the terminal screen as a right Data Table and you can start process it this way.

All given above options are not working fine.

I am looking for GET Text and SET Text

Set Text?
Set Text is not a terminal activity.
You should be using Send Keys, not Set Text.
Also, for Get Text use the one in yellow, not the one in grey.


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Hi pbianchini,

Did you find any solution/workaround for this issue ?