Can't get text from my terminal

I can’t get text from my terminal. If I try to use such as get text at position activity error throws as ‘There was an error getting the field value. Error code: ServiceNotConnected’.
I think it’s access-denied for read.
Please, anybody give me a solution…?

hey @manoj-vkumar

First Create a session between uipath and your Terminal so use Terminal session activity then you will be able to use Terminal activities.


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I’ve used the same way but I couldn’t be able to get text… @aksh1yadav

Hi Manoj,

Looks like Field Resolution doesn’t really work in your case, for whatever reason.
So avoid them:

  1. Please use screen navigation with Send Keys and TAB (move next active field in screen) and Shift+TAB (move prior active field in screen).

  2. Do not use Get Field activities, use the get raw text activities:

    • Get Screen Area
    • Get Text At Position
    • Get Text
  3. Do not use Set Field activities, use Send Keys (after navigating with TAB to the right poisition in screen

    • Send Keys

Can you tell me your Terminal Emulator name and version and how you connect to it from UiPath?

Madfe a mistake in item 1, I meant to say Send Control Key (2018.3 level), not Send Keys - TAB is an AID/Control key.

Hi @cornel,

Sorry for the late reply, actually that exception throws because I don’t have a read/write access for that specific screen.

So I’ve used the alternate solution for that.
Which was I just copy that screen area and working with that screen by string handlings.

Thanks and Regards,
Manoj Vijayakumar.

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