There have no any Attended, Unattended, Development to use in local Orchestrator

I generic the License via Regutil tool of the UiPath Studio i installed previously,
And upload it to my Orchestrator which was deployed on my local machine.
although it is done, but there no one robot license to use for me.
Who can help me. thanks, the screenshots as follow

Hi @PaulWang24

Please contact our licensing support to resolve this issue.

Yeah, i have commit relevant stuff but i am not sure if they can receive my message.
i have suck on this issue for over 24 hours. :frowning:

Normally you should have received a confirmation of a ticket well received. Did you get one after submitting your ticket?

no, i didn’t receive any email about license after i sent message to your support team.

Hi @PaulWang24

Have you managed to contact our support in the end and resolve your issue?

No, i have submitted another ticket on last Friday but i don’t receive any emails from support team. can you help me to give them a rush? thank you.