Licensing Orchestrator

Hi. Please help with my licensing. Im really not sure what i need to do and how.

When i installed Studio and Robot I chose the “Activate Community Edition”

I am trying to run robots from Orchestrator, but I cant due too license, i think.

Thank you

How did you define your pc in the orchestrator? I’m referring to the type of license, Attended / Unattended / Developer / NonProd.



I think it was Developer. I’m trying to remove everything from Orchestrator and start again, but i keep getting errors as soon as i log in. “An Error Has Occured” at top of screen in red. Also when i try to delete the machine it says there is a robot attached, but there is nothing else in Orchestrator, no robots etc.

Hi @MarkC1500

Could you provide screenshots from these tabs as well as the license page (top right)?

  • Robots
  • Machines

Hi, Sorry for delay. The errors I was getting were internal server error… This seems to have cured itself now. I have deleted all machines and robots to start again.

This is my current license page.

How should i be setting up machines and robots?

Thank you

Hi @MarkC1500

As you can see on the Development chart, you have 2 development licenses available.

You should navigate to the Robots tab on the left and configure a development robot following this guide:

Thank you.

So just need to confirm, I dont need to do any of this licensing stuff with regutil.exe?

Thanks again

No, everything should work out of the box by simply connecting your Robot to Orchestrator :slight_smile: