Orchestrator License Key File, 2017.1

Hello ~

We completed an upgrade of our Orchestrator to v2017.1.
This was unintended (a failed attempt from Monday auto installed after a server reboot).
But now our Orchestrator is showing as unlicensed (we have licenses for two Orchestrators).

I already submitted a help ticket, but wondered if someone on the forum might be able to provide a little more into quickly?This is really urgent as we are preparing for a pre-prod deployment to our staging environment later this morning! Any help GREATLY appreciated.

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Hello Scott,

I believe contractually this should be fine if your previous agreement with UiPath was including the orchestrator as well.
I would drop asap an email to your account manager copying sales@uipath.com team as soon as possible

I’m aware that you posted and might have that info already since you posted 5h ago but you need to follow the instruction here.


Meanwhile your are waitign for the sales team, if you previously had a key that you were using for your Robots (ex: 1 key used for X robots) i would try the activation with this code.

Good luck

Hi Florent,

I have license keys for our Designers and Robots.
What I am missing is a “license file” that is required in Orchestrator 2017.1.
I opened a ticket about this before I posted in the forum, but no-one has responded yet.

To clarify, there is no place to enter a license code… it is prompting for a “license file”.

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You should obtain that license file after doing the activation process (via command line) on the second link I gave you.

THANK YOU, that looks like what I need. Trying it now.

I followed the instructions and am receiving the error: Invalid License Format

I am in possession of license keys for UiPath Unattended Robot License and UiPath Studio Development License. None of these keys work. We have two Orchestrator licenses also…but I do not have that invoice. Is there a specific key for the Orchestrator licenses?

I dropped an MP couple of mins ago, ensure that the output file you get from command line is a .txt or .lic.

I’m not so clear about it, I have info about this on a different mailbox i do not have access now.

You might need either a Back office license key or separated, i’m almost sure that the back office would do but i’m not 100% sure.

I will give you in MP a contact from sales in US who might not be in week-end yet.

Good luck

Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help.
I will try the back-office key again.


Hi Scott, your keys need to be updated for 2017.1. This is done from our licensing server. After updating, you should follow again the generation steps to get the file. Please contact us as sales.support@uipath.com and someone will help you as soon as possible.

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