The workflow stops with an Image Not found exception even though "Coutinue On Error" is set to True

Hi there.

While creating workflow in Citrix environment, I use Click image to maximize the window.
Since the image for maximizing may not be displayed, the “Cotinue on error” setting of Click image activity is set to True.
However, when I executed the workflow, “image not found” occurred in the Click image.
Does anyone know why?
Please tell me the solution.


Error Log:


Hi @ak_mariam,
Have you tried to use Maximize Window activity?

Yes,but the application didn’t recognize Maximize Window activity.

Hi @ak_mariam

How about Send Hotkey with a combination of Win + UP?

Yes, I also tried Win + UP but the application did not recognize the shortcut key.
The next day, when I published the workflow again and re-executed, it succeeded.
I do not know the cause, but it may be a mistake here.
Thank you for your support.

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