Click image on citrix sometimes failed

i have a click image command in citrix environment, i run the bot directly from orchestrator in local to VM.
sometimes it find the image, sometimes not, with an error rate of 50%, how can i fix it?
I’ve just fill in the resolution screen the same as the production machine.
Any other solution?

up pls

Did you enabled, SendWindowMessages check box on the click properties ?

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No, is not checked, it is important that it is selected?

And can i ask you, i have the same problem with a click in a clipping region, sometimes it failed, about once in a hundred, how can i fix it too? also here is not selected send window message…

Well, citrix is surface automation. This will always have limited options as you will not have selectors to identify. Use anchor point method on specific area and make sure you always use default application behavior timing by considering network delayed…

Based on your properties you have used MouseButton with selector ? please share more details so that forum can guide you…

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Ok, firstly thanks for your help…

the first command I have problems with is this:

I’m logged in Citrix via web browser (firefox) and i need to click on the application on which I will have to work. Here, sometimes, i’ve this problem: “image not found”, so it’s not that precise

The second command i have problems with is this:

Double click in the first row of a table, inside my application, sometimes fails. Here fails once every fifty, but it is a problem for the continuation of work.
I can’t share all the details but if you need I try to provide more of it.

You need to adjust image accuracy value. details are in this post

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I’ve just seen this post, but seems like a suggestion, in my specific case how can i change this setting?
Any suggestion for the second activity?

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For your second scenario, you have to find consistent location to detect image properties.
When application load in 5th time it is changing the screen area slightly or change the location or changing the size of the image.You need to track down application default behavior how it is changing the image location and size. based on that you can develop alternate code snippet if one area is missing to detect image.

So in this case which value i can put? 0.6 is better if i understand? Because also in case of less accuracy it click anyway.
For my second scenario how can i track down the application change? Recording the screen or something else? Any suggestion?
There are other functionalities to replace and have a 100% accuracy?

I’ve just seen the screenshot of the error provided by reframework and realized that maybe it click but only once (not double click) because the first row is selected but not opened the details. Is that possible? Have you ever had a similar scenario? Thx

Ok copy paste the same activity twice and see the results. It will work. make sure you remove double click option and make it as single click option.

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Unfortunately if i do a test, double click works too, so i must try it during the run…

In the option your advice is to set SEND WINDOW Message to TRUE?