Workflow fails on a different sized monitor


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create workflow using Citrix option
  2. Use ImageExist activity
  3. Run workflow on current monitor
  4. Run workflow on a smaller monitor
  5. Workflow does not find image. It places the cursor just below where it is.

Expected Behavior:
I thought when using ImageExist activity that no matter where that image is, the system would find it. It doesn’t appear to be working that way.

Is there something I don’t know about?

Yes Resolution does matter.
My preferred resolution would be 1920x1080 . But you can try this

  • For Image exists activity there’s a property where you may set the accuracy.
  • default will be 0.8 .decrease /increase accuracy .
  • add a small delay or delay before (1000 ms) - maybe the execution is happening but it is too fast.

. you can use the Invoke workflow Interactive activity, so that you can set the resolution.

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