Citrix Click Image Failed

Hello,I developed a process with citrix environment!When the remote compute reboot,all click image activities became useless,it showed can not find image.I wonder know how it matched,the images below

@XZX321 the resolution changed, try to lower the accuracy, by default is 0.8.

@fmsimoes I know this,The problem is I finished all the process,it will spend a lot of time to change this property。I wonder know is there any other convient way to solve

Did you find a solution for this? I have a process that works great until I install on a different machine. 80% of the time, it will fail to find or click an image on the new machine. I have made sure the resolution is the same and simple things like that but nothing works.

@ComputerImage Sorry,the only way is rewriting ! I also found that Windows update will influence the process .