The values provided for the root activity’s arguments did not satisfy the root activity’s requirements

Hi everyone.

Now i cannot fix my invoke workflow method’s arguments. I am getting this error.

My invoke workflow look like this. (it shows me the number of argument is 6. and it is orange.)


But when i click and try to delete the argument then my invoke workflow method show me the number of argument is 5.

How will i fix it? Help me please:(

If we had 6 arguments in the invoke workflow then it must have deleted in the argument panel inside that invoked workflow
Kindly check how many arguments we have inside that workflow in argument panel
Also whenever if we want to check with the arguments and it’s value kindly don’t process in import arguments instead press in Arguments property in the property panel
Because whenever import arguments is pressed it will import the arguments freshly each and every time when it is pressed
So to view or edit on the values passed to a argument click in arguments property in the property panel of INVOKE WORKFLOW FILE activity

And coming to the error description
May I know why we have passed in_config argument with same variable name in_config
Whenever a variable and argument is defined for a same data name it like in_config for argument and config for variable as a name
So that the name confusion won’t appear as even at some times bot gets confused

And as the error says we need to check with values passed to the arguments for this invoked workflow
I hope this argument config could be the issue
Cheers @mazlumkacar


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