Values Provided For The Root Activity Arguments Did Not Satisfy The Root Activity Requirements The Following Keys From The Input Dictionary Do Not Map To Arguments And Must Be Removed xxxx

The values provided for the root activity's arguments did not satisfy the root activity's requirements: 'DynamicActivity': The following keys from the input dictionary do not map to arguments and must be removed: xxxx .

Issue Description:

  1. The argument listed in the properties of Invoke Workflow are,

  1. On clicking Import Arguments, the above argument imported are not visible,

  1. Open the workflow and check if the argument is declared,

Note: The argument names are case sensitive.

Root Cause: If the argument is not defined in Invoked workflow and if it is used it in the Main workflow in the properties of Invoke workflow file, the Studio does not know how to import it. This causes the issue.


  • Define the argument inside the invoked workflow