Passing values from Workflow to Invoked Workflow

Hello All

I am using RE Framework and trying to pass Config ( dictionary ) from “Init” to “Invoke InitiAllApplications workflow”

I am clicking “import arguments” and putting “Config” as the value for my in parameter “in_Config” and clicking Ok but if i re-open it i see the value is blanked out as highlighted below


Another odd thing when i check on Properties → Arguments for the same workflow i see “Config” present

Why its coming up here and not when i check under Import Argument

Thereafter when i am trying to access the value of my imported Dictionary argument “InitAllAppConfig” on the invoked workflow - InitiAllApplications

I am getting below error

> "System error at initialization: The values provided for the root activity’s arguments did not satisfy the root activity’s requirements:
> ‘InitAllApplications’: The following keys from the input dictionary do not map to arguments and must be removed: InitAllAppConfig. Please note that argument names are case sensitive.
> Parameter name: rootArgumentValues at Source: System.Activities"

I have looked around in the forum and tried out different solutions but have not been able to get it working.

Can you please guide me

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In new version, if we want to Edit Arguments then we have to go to properties of Invoke WorkFlow Activity and declare variables and save it.

Import Arguments is new feature and it will import Arguments from that workflow. We can’t see values in this.

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Hi buddy @bibhu

Fine this one is due to the new update made in invoke workflow Activity, yes of course once we import the arguments on clicking Import arguments it will import all the arguments been passed to it and then we can mention the values to be passed or obtained from workflow…
Once after mentioning the Variable names, save the workflow and if we want to look at the values been passed to the arguments we can see only in the arguments property in INVOKE workflow Activity and not in Import Arguments, as it just only imports freshly whenever it is pressed in the Activity, so everytime when it is being pressed it freshly imports the arguments and so with no value.

Then for this

Kindly check with all the arguments ate meant with correct Direction, like IN, OUT, IN/OUT
Where IN means using inside the workflow, OUT means using outside the workflow, IN/OUT means can be used either inside or outside the workflow

Then this one,

Check whether the name of all arguments are passed correctly and they are case sensitive as well…so exact name should be used with proper direction defined

Hope this would help you buddy
Cheers @bibhu

Hi, In RE framework in import arguments when you add arguments and click ok. When you open it again you can only see out arguments.

But open the place where i mentioned in above picture.You can always see the arguments there.
If u find this useful mark it as solution .

Thanks for your feedback @lakshman @Palaniyappan

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