System.Activities and Invoke Workflow arguments issue

@Andreia_Ciocanel : This is about the UiPath Studio bug that I spoke about on the webinar

Invoke Workflow in System.Activities version 19.5.0, does not behave correctly. The values that I assigned to the arguments get blanked out.

The first time I click on the edit arguments button, the values for the arguments are blank. I assign some values, be it literals, or other variable names etc. I then click ok and exit the window. When I click on the edit button again, the values are all gone and they are completely blanked out.

Someone suggested that it is a bug with this version 19.5.0 and that I should downgrade that package to 19.4.0. I did and then it was working.

But that shouldn’t be the case, right?

So I guess this is a bug in the studio.

Correction: In the new version the left button says “Import Arguments” not “Edit Arguments”. Nevertheless, the bug report is still good.

Hi, @savantsa
Thank you for your detailed report. Please read : #FeatureBlog - 19.5 - Invoke Workflow rework

Also, several bug fixes for Invoke Workflow will be available in the next releases, starting with 2019.6 (so stay tuned on the newer versions of the studio)

@ovi can give you some more details.


So it is a known bug, across the board, not just to the community edition. Thanks for the update @Andreia_Ciocanel