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I have an issue regarding the argument,
When I invoke any workflow and argument writing in invoke activity and set in/out both direction.
after that, I check to invoke workflow argument the argument value is missing/unset from activity.

I surprise, how argument value is missing/unset from there.

Is there any solution for the same?

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HI @sams,

I think you are not declaring the arguments in the pane below the workflow i.e., beside the variables section. First you have to declare the arguments there and then you have to use in the invoke work flow activity.

Thanks for reaching here @HareeshMR,

I have already declare argument and save that file,
and i pass that argument value through variable.
but after set variable to argument and save it,
argument value is blank automatically from invoke workflow file import argument.

Buddy @sams

once you have imported the arguments you have to click edit arguments to make changes with argument or even to see the arguments not the impot argument buddy

When you click import arguments it will ask again freshly to import the arguments from the workflow that you have mentioned in the path, Thats why it looks like arguments getting vanished


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Is that working buddy @sams

If so kindly close this thread the right comment marked as solution that could help others looking for ideas under your topic

Cheers buddy

Keep going

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