The Target Session Is Incompatible With The Current Session. (Exception From HRESULT: 0x80071B9D)

How to resolve error: "Executor start process failed. The target session is incompatible with the current session. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80071B9D)"?

Root Cause: This issue occurs when the Robot is installed on a Citrix Machine and the user has not logged off of an ICA session with the Robot user. This prevents the Robot from being able to RDP in.

Resolution: Make sure logging off of any ICA sessions to allow the Robot to RDP to the machine.

ICA and RDP session are not allowed simultaneously to the same server as a single user. One or the other must be logged off. Then, it is possible to connect via the desired channel.

From Citrix Docs: Reconnect to a disconnected ICA desktop session either from the server locally or through Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) fails with an error message that the target session is incompatible with the current session. Local desktop and RDP connections also fail when the ICA desktop session is active and the server is set to restrict users to a single session. In general, you cannot convert or promote any existing ICA desktop session to a session started from the server locally or RDP because of cross-protocol compatibility issues. https: //